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Northwest Florida Real Estate Agent Blog

Northwest Florida Real Estate Agent Blog

Okaloosa Democratic Pride Squad new Facebook page - 10/27/2020



Sharing important post from my other blogs and social media accounts


Our Preamble:
We, the members of the
Okaloosa County Pride
Squad, unite in a common
purpose, to strengthen
and further the ideals and
principles of the
Democratic Party, which
recognizes and promotes
diversity, good will, and
respect for all members
of the community.
Our Mission:
We seek to foster goodwill between lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and allied members of the Democratic Party and the community at large. We seek to continue working with other LGBTQ/LGBTA and like-minded chapters united with the common purpose. We seek individual freedom in the framework of a just society and political freedom in the framework of meaningful participation by all citizens.
Our Purpose:
To promote the candidacy of Democrats specifically committed to the principle that ALL persons deserve equal rights, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression;
• To encourage voter registration and advocate for issues without discrimination;
• To stimulate active interest in political and governmental affairs
• To strengthen and further the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party;
• To promote participation among Democrats;
• To support and elect the duly selected nominees of the Democratic Party in national, state, and local campaigns; and
• To work with other LGBT/LGBTA and like-minded organizations united with a common purpose

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Post this week from the Okaloosa Democratic Pride Squad about the EqualityAct - 10/26/2020

 Sharing important post from my other blogs and social media accounts...



We want to thank NAGLREP The National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals for their continued efforts for passage of the #EqualityAct that a year ago this week passed in the house for the first time ever.

@NAGLREP held a policy summit in D.C. with guest speaker U.S. Senator Tim Kaine to discuss the importance of fair housing for all.

Our Okaloosa Democratic Pride Squad Vice President Brandon Jordan was able to attend this event as a member of NAGLREP Policy Committee
all members were called on to meet with their elected officials to provide information and discuss this important bill before the vote.



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Sherry Chris response on Twitter Realogy Pride Month - 10/25/2020

 Sharing important post from my other blogs and social media accounts.



Looking forward to what ERA has planned for this years Pride Month.


CEO of the Realogy Expansion Brands including ERA Real Estate glad to have a long time @NAGLREP supporter in charge.


#FairHousing and I included a link to her post on twitter from years ago showing she not only attended NAGLREP events but was a keynote speaker as well.

 I received a reply back on Twitter from @SherryChris picture attached.

"Standing at your side. I'm working on a project for Realogy Pride Month. Would you like to be involved?"

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Suicide Prevention Lifeline workshop at PFLAG Niceville - 10/24/2020


Sharing important post from my other blogs and social media accounts, this is from Feb of 2020.

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I am proud to be one of the "Founding Contributors" to this advocacy organization. - 10/23/2020


I am proud to be one of the "Founding Contributors" to this advocacy organization.


#LGBTQ #LGBT #EqualityAct


Here is a link to the go fund me page if anyone is interested in supporting this non profit group.




A new LGBTQ+ real estate alliance is on the horizon. Join us!

MISSION | Advocate. Elevate. Celebrate.
Advocate for fair housing for all and promote LGBTQ+ homeownership.
Elevate professionalism in the industry through education and networking.
Celebrate diversity and inclusion in our members and allied partners.

VISION | To create a world free of housing discrimination.

VALUES | Community | Collaboration | Equality + Equity | Inclusion | Transparency | Pride

CORE BELIEF | We believe in accountable leadership to the members of the organization, as well as the practice of transparency from all members, in all things.

To see more of what's in store or to get in on the conversation, visit us at:

Like our Facebook Business Page 
Join our Facebook Community

Transparently managed by Eric Axelson, Steering Committee Finance Chair.

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Brandon Jordan NAGLREP profile - 10/22/2020

 National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals NAGLREP for short has integrated Linkedin to the profiles. Here is my NAGLREP profile. I have made some updated to the profile including professional achievements I previously had the spaced used to mention my Linkedin profile with the website address which would show professional achievements. There is on the profile a link to my Facebook business page and Twitter but was a good additon to have the linked logo and profile link button added to the site. There was limited room for achievements so still pointing out the linkedin profile for more info there too if anyone was interested to learn more.



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Brandon Jordan on Gayborhood - 10/21/2020

 I noticed we didnt have any LGBTQ members on the Gayborhood site for our area here in northwest Florida so I have joined the Gayborhood my profile shows when searching for Bay,Okaloosa,Walton county Florida. I have talked with Gayborhood admin they stated they were looking at doing a boost to social media with new members being posted on their Twitter profile and Facebook. I look forward to working with them and now anyone using the site moving to the Panhandle has a source to contact if they feel more comfortable working with a member of the LGBTQ community with their purchase or sale of property. I had it come to mind again with the latest viral video a couple months ago of a girl screaming this is the Gayborhood and your not welcome here...



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Brandon Jordan on OutBuro - 10/20/2020



 I have recently created and joined Outburo to have a profile for someone in the area of the panhandle for the LGBTQ community and to network with other LGBTQ members on the site. There is an interesting setup for review of employers to check companies ratings on how it is to work there as a member of the LGBTQ community. This scoring is a new spin on the HRC Human Rights Campaign that gives a score to corporations. This spin is to allow more of the sharing and thought behind with feedback and comments in real time. I am looking for other LGBTQ professional sites that I might want to join if anyone has any recommendations feel free to leave a comment below on this post.

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Brandon Jordan sponsor of Rachels Big Gay Florida Road Trip - 10/19/2020



I found another rainbow flag!! Follow my journeys on OutCoast: Gay Florida Travel!

Thank you Rachel Covello for the mention


I wrote the above on Twitter and posted to Linkedin thanking Rachel for pointing out the rainbow flag sticker on our office at 30A in South Walton Beaches Grayton Beach location. 

Below is the video she posted to Facebook.




So who is Rachel here is a little on her


??I am a marketing strategist, ?????? diversity consultant and ?? corporate event photographer.

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Brandon Jordan sponsor of Outcoast.com Gay Florida Travel - 10/18/2020

 Thank you again OutCoast: Gay Florida Travel for what you do to promote Florida and to show LGBTQ people throughout our sunshine state and beyond that there are an endless number of LGBTQ-welcoming places to visit and live. I am proud to be a sponsor of the site and look forward to many more posts to share from Outcoast. Happy to see my logo added under sponsors on the site and linking to BuyAFloridaVacationHome.com 


 I have also written a previous post if you missed it about Rachel at Outcoast and a little about her along with a thank you for the video post of my office with the rainbow sticker in the panhandle along her travels.


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